A Kids Biblical Mixtape

I've been pulling together songs that are 1) tied strongly to Scripture 2) would appeal to children (nursery to 6th grade or so) and 3) wouldn't annoy parents much. Whereas the other general listening playlist had a very folk tendency, the songs collected for this one follow a more contemporary pop style, simply because that's what's out there.

As of now the order opens with gentler acoustic numbers by Rain for Roots, Nichole Nordeman, Chris Rice, and yours truly. Then we get a little more high octane with Shai Linne, Seeds Family Worship, and GroupMusic, which produced a couple VBS songs my daughter still loves. It closes out with a softer set again a la Scripture Lullabies and Christy Nockels. But there are more artists in the mix, bringing you a playlist almost two hours long.

A few highlights:

a pure Scripture track

an old children's classic rounded out with more rich lyrics

an allegorical story to point toward the biblical one

an old praise song from my childhood. the "kids" album" below was made in 2004, but "Who Is Like You" was being sung by churches in 1990!

I had my doubts about how this playlist would flow, but listening it to afresh - it works!

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