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A two-year anniversary

This coming week marks two years since releasing Heaven and Earth: Scripture Songs for the Old and New

This album was the catalyst for converting me from writer-dabbler to writer-producer. Why? Because it was made for 

1. A specific…

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A Kids Biblical Mixtape

I've been pulling together songs that are 1) tied strongly to Scripture 2) would appeal to children (nursery to 6th grade or so) and 3) wouldn't annoy parents much. Whereas the other general listening playlist had a very folk tendency…

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Keep It

Few things make me fear like this fact: knowing wisdom doesn't make one wise. doing wisdom makes one wise.

We have voracious appetites for information. We consume books, podcasts, counseling sessions, blogs, Bible studies. Our kids have an abundance of…

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A Three-Strand Word

One morning I came across a reference to a Hebrew word in Proverbs 3:3. The word is hesed, and it is powerful. Hesed unites three concepts in one quality: love, strength, and steadfastness.

Think about it. What is love…

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