A Kids Playlist that Won't Drive You Nuts

This playlist has a decidedly folk bent. Instead of dated synth effects and dissonant children's choruses, you will hear mostly acoustic instruments with talented vocalists. The songs won't wear off after the second listen; in fact, many have lasted for generations.

Thanks to my friend Joni for great suggestions! I'm looking to diversify it even more, so write in with your favorites if you don't see them here.

The playlist includes Dan Zanes, the Beatles, Frances England, Cake for Dinner, Art Garfunkel, Woody Guthrie, Doc Watson, and a bunch of tracks from Charlie Hope and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Here's the link to it on Spotify.


Charlie Hope's "Train Song" deserves to be put on repeat. I love the musicality of the Beatles. Somehow I never listened to them growing up and never heard "Blackbird" till last week. Frances England made me cry twice listening to "Fast Train to Grandma's." Both sets of my daughter's grandparents have lived far away, but one set just moved less than a mile up the street. Grandparents deserve this song. My sister-in-law taught this one to my daughter so it was fun to discover Cake for Dinner's track.

Hope you like the songs!

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